we’re 4 days away! – 27 steps


Come follow in Nelson Mandela’s footsteps to peace! 27 Steps – one step for each year Mandela spends in prison.

Between two platonic forms, visitors take 27 steps through an inverted pyramidal void – a direct representation of the inverted political system which Mandela carved out for South Africa and for each of us. Like Mandela’s 1990 World Tour for Peace, 27 Steps will visit a number of sites around the Bay Area, and abroad, to spread the message of peace, and hopefully reside at the Apartheid Museum in South Africa. 

As we take 27 Steps, purple lights rain upon us in remembrance of the 1989 Purple Rain Anti-Apartheid Protest in Cape Town, where protesters were doused in purple water – a tagging mechanism for arrest. However, the protesters turned the scene around, making “Purple Rain” a symbol of peace and social resilience – “The purple shall govern.”

We’re raising funds to help make this happen – learn more here:

a BIG THANK YOU to all those who’s supported the project this far!


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