It’s all Because of Jupiter!

…It is just seconds after the Juno’s arrival at Jupiter’s orbit! For the team at NASA, it’s been a five-year-long journey since its launch in 2011 and it’s just the beginning.

It is an ambitious goal that has captured the hearts of many. The hope is to understand the origins of Jupiter and provide insights as to how our galaxy was formed. This one astronomical event has not only pulled over 21,000 online viewers, but also an amazing crew of engineers, scientists, and students from across the Earth.

And it’s all because of Jupiter!

Juno and Jupiter
(image: international business times)

We look to this as an aspiration. We see are starting small – about 12’ x 12’ x 8’ but our goal is to reach the world. Like NASA, we’re building a team of engineers, fabricators, coders, incubators, designers, videographers, and fundraisers to help fulfill the 27 steps.

The Juno camera had recently uploaded a short video of Jupiter’s solar system. As Scott Bolton, the project manager behind Juno, mentioned “It’s the image that Galileo had seen” in the 17th century! A live camera of the journey is and will continue to be accessible by the public to document the mission. Juno cam:

So we ask ourselves, can we document 27 steps from across the world? Can we have a live viewing and live action of peace? Can we engage with those in Saudi Arabia and offer a gesture of peace and support? Can we …? That is the first question to every goal.

But just as Juno’s mission has just started, we keep pushing –

27 steps 
(image: Anesta Iwan + Nish Kothari)


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