To Be Destroyed – Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art


Submitted under our new Critical Narratives Office: we have been among the selected works to be exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art gallery this Fall.

Team: Cesar Lopez, Nish Kothari, Anesta Iwan


To Be Destroyed / To Be Determined

“The exhibition proposes that the definition of a museum is not fixed but rather “to be determined.” By asking, “what is a contem- porary art gallery?” the exhibition questions our fundamental assumptions concerning the role and importance of museums in so- ciety and their associated architectural forms.”


The New Gallery

“The museum object is no longer displayed nor preserved,
it lives in archives and ages over time”

The New Gallery becomes a place void of objects,
a place filled with aura –
a reflection of the art’s context,
rather than its tangible inanimate form.
It repositions the act of the gallery
within the existing space.



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