Film, theater, and architecture –each situated within the niche of space and time through movement and dialogue.

in film, your experience is relative to frame of the camera,
in theater, your involvement is relative to the actors’ interaction.
but in architecture, your engagement is relative to your movement.




.Can theater and film instead be determined by the spectator’s movement through that very space and time? The experience becomes more fluid and less dictated –a choose-your-own-adventure scenario…

We are in a second wave of the Situationist Era –everything we see, say, or hear is captured and reproduced in some form or another. At its extremity, we would experience our lives only through the lens of its instantaneous reproduction. Imagine yourself as a player at the World Cup: the moment you feel the ball at your feet, you simultaneously see it happening through the jumbo tron, you hear it announced even before you’ve finished the kick itself.

The fiction inherent in theater and film will soon merge with the current reality. The happening and the “scene” captured becomes one and the same. The spaces we inhabit have evolved into the sets among the urban theatrical stage and the supposed spectator, forced to perform.





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