update on data! OPERATION DATA

a recent update on the previous DATA FARM project from 2013…

OPERATION DATA:  https://anestadesign.wordpress.com/portfolio/operation%20data/



“The Condition”

The city is more machine now than human – cold and still. Only data lives there now; in the startling proportions created to feed our consumption and demands. The quality of life by which we’ve spent years developing our cities to has been overcome by our mass generation of data infrastructure. Storage and servers has created a new infrastructural landscape that has reconfigured the way we live, work and therefore inhabit our cities.

We are in the peripheries – colonizing the outskirts of what were formally our parks, our homes and our society.
Technology advanced so far that it has become ubiquitous— prices dropped on smart phones and devices. An increase in global networks has led to a greater collaborative setting and to a faster lifestyle. This has contributed to a new era of data, more commonly known as “Big Data”. Following the discussions around mega structures from the 1960s, this era of Mega Data have once again pressed new forms of mega structures upon us. Towering over the deserts of Arizona and the suburbs of Silicon Valley, these mega data centers incrementally transform the city into the fearsome machine of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Buildings that have once been occupied by people will soon be turned into the city’s data capsules.
Block by block this data will only continue to graze over our cities and convert it into its own kind –a storage for the endless data we use.  This has isolated us from the parks, plazas and shared space we hold sacred and it can do much more.  It has greatly altered the way we live. The new city has relentlessly pushed human habitation to its peripheries.

“The Action”

Our dependency on mega data will only continue but we must learn to come to terms with this addiction and realize a new space where data and a new public can live as one. By reintroducing the necessity of physical presence we can salvage the forgotten spaces of our old society. The interdependencies between data and people, energy/heat transfers, natural resource inventory and the exchange of knowledge – have always existed in the very concept of data making.  However, the fulcrum between the two isn’t quite balanced. Mass amounts of heat and light pollution generated by data servers will have changed our climate thus altered the seasons and threaten the discoloration of the sky.

“The Call”

This is a call to action! OPERATION DATA will put an end to data conglomeration through initiatives such as data recycling and the integration of public e-libraries. We will cap the seemingly bottomless pits of data. We will take control of our expanding dependency in both the digital and physical environment alike. Let us make our addictions spatially evident by populating our public spaces with both the masses we produce and the crowds who need them. This will be a new experience – a different environment and the realization we will all need to save our city from ourselves.


some past, current, and future thoughts:

DATA FARM: data is inevitable, therefore we must learn to dwell among them

OPERATION DATA: with time, data gains control and begins to hijack our physical space. It’s time to take action and become responsible about data

DATA ORIGIN: is the new data boom caused by an increased number of projects? or is it due to inefficiency on data collection?



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