the book came!

After 5 years of school and 3 months of editing … the book is finally done! This came off the press about 3 weeks ago from

240 pages!

This book presents a selection of work produced during my educational career at California College of the Arts. These projects consist of both course work and side projects, of process and final designs, of writing and form.

Architecture is often mistakenly viewed in a single dimension, the third dimension, the object, however, it is one of the most diverse discipline that has the potential to bridge multiple dimensions. The following projects have been organized into 0D | 1D writing: papers on architectural theory that challenge the notion of preservation and archive, 1D | 2D representation: exploration on drawings, sketches, diagrams, and mappings, 2D | 3D design: architectural design projects ranging in scale from installations to urban planning, and 3D | 4D intervention: time-sensitive and programming projects.

… a special thanks to my parents and all faculty, mentors, and fellow peers who have made this possible …



2 thoughts on “the book came!

  1. This is a remarkable achievement.
    Your book is not only an engaging inspiration to architects of all stages in their career but is coupled with a cerebral and visceral graphic intensity in each of its beautifully composed pages.

    Congratulations Anesta.

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