An excerpt from Joss Whedon’s 2013 commencement speech at Wesleyan University that (somewhat) parallels the thesis I was trying to get at with Superstudio (defining Utopia by what it’s not… that tension between what is and isn’t):

“But first let me say that when I talk about contradiction I’m talking about something that is a constant in your life and in your identity. Not just in your body, but in your own mind in ways that you may recognize and that you may not.

Let’s just say that, hypothetically, two roads diverged in a wood and you took the path less traveled. Part of you is going, “Look at that path over there! It’s much better! Everybody’s traveling on it and it’s…it’s paved and there’s like a Starbucks every 50 yards… This is wrong. This path’s got nettles and Robert Frost’s body and… somebody should have moved that, right? It feels weird.”

Not only is your mind telling you this, it is on that other path. It is behaving as if it is on that path, it is doing the opposite of what you are doing. And for your entire life you will be doing, on some level, the opposite of not only what you are doing but of what you think you are. That is just going to go on.

And what you need to do is to honor that. To understand it. To unearth it. To listen to this other voice.”


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