.. a current paper I’m writing on Superstudio…a brief synopsis of it..

“It has been said that one can find some of architecture’s meaning by looking not at what architects do, but at what they refuse to do.”

– Aureli, Architecture Refuses

Superstudio’s “dystopic” imagery is, in a way, an attempt to describe utopia by what is not or what we refuse utopia to be. The notion of utopia is so unattainable that it “must be read literally, as the ‘non-place’ written into its etymological origins that is ‘nowhere,’” that the only way to describe utopia is by defining what is non-utopia.[1]

[1] Reinhold Martin, “Critical of What?” (2005), in Constructing a New Agenda: Architectural Theory 1993-2009, ed. Krista Sykes. (New York, NY: Princeton Architectural Press, 2010), 320.


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