post ACSA 101


The conference was amazing! Thanks to both Ila Berman (CCA) and Ed Mitchell (Yale) for organizing the event. It was really great to have the opportunity to meet both the keynote speakers (Francois Roche and Gregg Pasquarelli) as well as a couple of the speakers from the paper sessions. All the topics presented were very intriguing and many focused on the topic of the non-boundary or the reterritorialization of “cities” –a global city of 7 billion.

Francois Roche opened the conversation with questioning our definition or association with ecology –ridding the delineation between humans, “nature,” and technology. The projects presented, such as the Dustyrelief B_Mu in Bangkok, goes beyond blurring the boundary between interior and exterior to the point of confusing the hierarchy between inhabitants and the environment. The resulting cycle then suggests an approach toward cannibalism –an extreme condition of ecological recycling!


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