Utopias: exhibition

Spring 2013: History and Theory Grad Seminar: Utopia
Faculty: Irene Cheng
Exhibition curators: Irene Cheng, Jeffrey Maeshiro, Anesta Iwan
Photo credits: Jeffrey Maeshiro

We had fun pinning up a couple of exhibition boards for our Utopia  class today. These are a series of 14 Utopian projects that each student is focusing on for the course of the semester!

Projects exhibited: Garden Cities, Radiant City, Magnitogorsk, Plan Obus, New Babylon, Esalen, Cities in the Air, Potteries Thinkbelt, Occupation of Alcatraz, Arcosanti, 12 Cautionary Tales, Burning Man, Microtopias, Astana

Come see our exhibition!


March 12-14
California College of the Arts (nave alcove)


One thought on “Utopias: exhibition

  1. Love this post especially I’ve visited CCA’s exhibiting space… Good spot for showcasing intelligent artistic minds. Congrats for the Utopias, architecture and space. I found it’s quite interesting to view the space/place through different lenses…http://wp.me/p3bwN9-2X

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