iLOUNGE speaks


Thanks to all who came by on iLOUNGE and online via our google hangout.

After a lot of toiling around and a couple of technical errors… we finally did it!! It was a great experience to meet both the people on iLOUNGE (for those who preferred face-to-face interactions) and also those offsite. We had originally planned for a couple of people in San Francisco, New Orleans, as well as Indonesia. In the end, we met others from India and Algeria!

We had prepared a couple of questions to provoke potential discussions that focused on the analog vs. the digital worlds. It was mostly casual conversation at the end, but the questions were a good ice breaker to meet the audience as well as introduce them to iLOUNGE as a virtual and physical public space.

In today’s media world, what are the advantages of the analog vs. the digital communication?

Is today’s facebook better than your high school yearbooks?

Has the virtual web cheapen our intimate art experience (i.e. flickr, tumbler vs. art gallery)?

What is the value of providing physical space when we experience so much of our lives within the digital world?

Design and Project Lead: Mona El-Khafif | Marcella Del Signore

Event Design: Cesar Lopez | Anesta Iwan


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