10 mile garden at San Francisco Urban Prototyping Festival!

Oct. 20,2012

Great success yesterday! thanks for coming by! Show your support on our fb page http://www.facebook.com/10MileGarden?ref=ts&fref=ts

The 10-Mile Garden will temporarily convert San Francisco’s fire hydrants into sites for bio-swales or mini gardens which add green spaces to the city and create a new water system in support of the urban ecology.

San Francisco’s network of more than 9000 fire hydrants creates a significant, legal opportunity to add to the ecological green footprint of every neighborhood and of the city as a whole without violating fire department regulations. The 10-Mile Garden will transform 26 fire hydrant sites into green pockets/scapes. The project creates a framework for community participation by marking hydrants with QR codes, which will feed into a website that informs the public about the project and the potential of a citywide implementation. The digital interface may also allow visitors to drop an idea for additional programs, which would function as a virtual survey.

Project by  Mona El Khafif | Marcella Del Signore | Anesta Iwan |  Cesar Lopez | Jessica Wolkoff | Jacob Alexander



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