Day 1: Air Travel

(I’m currently trying this out…having a regular check-in from time to time during my travel…let’s see how long I can keep on that)
The beginning of every long trip is a long travel, from the last 12 hours on flight to the next 14 on flight and 2 transit times..
As with any plane flight, there’s always (1) the sudoku-er – a stack of sudoku sheets, a pen in hand, ready for those 16×16 grids of numbers and letters, (2) the heavy sleeper – wakes up at nothing but meal time, (3) the light sleeper – moves about all night, searching for that perfect comfort spot, (4) the curious – opens the shade …every 20 minutes or so see if it’s finally light out, (5) the movie goer – checks all sorts of films on board to see how many is possible to watch, (6) the reader – be it novels, comics, or magazines, and of course (7) the kids…though surprisingly, with the number of kids on board, it was a pretty quiet night… 
Currently in Munich … Ready to transit to Copenhagen … Then once more to Berlin.

wiedersehen for now!


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